. The College of Health and Medical Techniques has a course entitled “Nursing, medication and Injection.”

The Department of Community Health Technologies of the Faculty of Health and Medical Technologies of the Southern Technical University has established a scientific course entitled “Nursing, medication, and Injection.” The course lasted for three days and was attended by Mr. Anmar Gabbar Ghanem, Faculty Dean, Professor David Salman Mahdi, Head of Department, Professor Mehdi Thuini Murshid, and professors and university professors members.

The session included several objectives, the most important of which was to address on the first day of the session the process of needle glazing, the identification of scientific and practical methods used in needle glazing, and the most common complications and errors occurring in practice. On the second day, the course included the identification of wounds and their types, the main methods used in wound healing, the healing of wounds, and the complications caused by the common errors in wounds.

On its third day, the session also addressed one of the most important first aid, namely, how CPR works and how to deal with asphyxiation, which is the most important cause of breathing and heart failure and which ultimately leads to the use of CPR and saving the lives of people exposed to many accidents and bottlenecks. The session also contained several recommendations, the most important of which were:
1. The College continues to give this type, of course, to benefit from many everyday things and events to deal with and educate society to receive this information for the general benefit.
2-To recommend to the attendees of this session the dissemination of information gained during their participation and dissemination among society to benefit, educate and educate more people on the most important information given during the session.

At the conclusion of the session, Mr. Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs, Assistant Professor Dr. Abdul Karim Mohamed Javad, distributed the discretionary testimonies to the participants of the course as well as to the participants, who expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Faculty and its professors.