A delegation from the Southern Technical University visits the College of Health and Medical Technologies and inspects the conduct of the attendance exams.

A delegation from the Southern Technical University visited the College of Health and Medical Technologies, represented by the Scientific Assistant to the President of the Southern Technical University, Prof. Dr. Alaa Farid Abdel-Ahad, and he was accompanied on the visit by Dr. Alaa Abdel-Zahra, Director of the Office of the President of the Southern Technical University, to inspect the conduct of the attendance exams for graduate and primary students. They were received by the Head of the Medical Laboratory Technologies Department, Prof. Dr. Alaa Kazim.

The scientific assistant followed the course of the exams during his tour of the scientific departments, whose attendance recorded an important moral support for the students examining the master’s and preliminary studies, praising during their visit to the college and reviewing the progress of the exam process in it with the interest of the university and the deanship by following the necessary health and preventive measures with high accuracy, and the availability of the necessary health supplies and taking into account The preventive aspect in accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety to perform the attendance exams, appreciating the approved methods for managing the exam process and its sobriety according to the controls and evidence in force,The students were keen to complete their scientific career and achieve their scientific goals that serve the community.
At the conclusion of the visit, the visiting delegation expressed their thanks and appreciation for the interest and keenness of the Deanship of the College, faculty members, technicians and affiliates to provide all the necessary supplies and prepare them for students during the examination period.

In an interview with the Head of the Department of Medical Laboratory Technologies, who explained to the visiting delegation the exceptional and continuous efforts made by the Dean of the College, the assistant gentlemen, heads of scientific departments, exam committees, faculty members and affiliates in order to pass exams and cross the stage in the current situation that the country is going through as a result of the Corona pandemic, In addition to their parental and humane interaction with students, encouraging them and urging them to succeed and excel.