The Faculty of Health and Medical Techniques organizes a lecture on plagiarism and how to use the Turnitin capture detection program for scientific research and university subjects.

Under the auspices of Mr. President of the Southern Technical University, Professor Rabie Hashim Alabbasi, and under the supervision of Mr. Dean of the School of Health and Medical Technologies, Professor Dawod Salman Mehdi, the Scientific Division of the College organized a lecture entitled: (Science Theft and How to Use the Takeover Detection Program (Turnitin)) for scientific research and university subjects and at the Ibn Sina Hall, in the presence of Mr. Dean of the College, Associate Dean of Scientific Affairs, and a number of teachers.

The lecture given by Assistant Professor Dr. Zainab Aboudi Ali at the Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques aims to introduce attendance on the Turnitin homepage as well as to learn how to register in Turnitin, as well as how to upload the file on the Turnitin website. The lecture provided a detailed explanation of the concept of recuperation, a definition and a discussion of the concepts of academic impersonation of scientific research, as well as of the relationship between scientific theft and in-kind theft, the lack of quotation, and scientific methods to avoid recuperation, and the way in which to reduce the percentage of recuperation given by the Turnitin program for the prevention of academic impersonation.
The lecture recommended that the culture of the scientific secretariat in scientific research should be disseminated among researchers through lectures and seminars.