The College of Health and Medical Technologies discusses a master’s thesis on ((Peptic ulcers caused by H. pylori and the effect of genetic patterns of (IL-2, IL-6, IL-10) on the evaluation and development of stomach and duodenal diseases))

The College of Health and Medical Technologies within the Southern Technical University discussed a master’s thesis on ((Peptic ulcers resulting from H. An interesting charter, Nehmeh Mahoud (Department of Pathological Analysis Techniques) and on the Avicenna Hall,
The thesis included studying the genetic differences (single nucleotide polymorphism) occurring in interleukin-6 and interleukin-2 and the effect of these differences on the production and interaction of interleukin-6 and interleukin-2 with the pathogen factors of H. pylori, and the effect of these genetic differences (SNP) on the severity and progression of stomach diseases and diseases. Obtained due to this germ.

The message aims:
1- The prevalence of H.pylori bacteria among patients suffering from stomach and intestinal disorders is
(1.70%), and the most affected groups were the age group of less than 30 years, females, and blood type (O).
2- The level of 2-IL was lower in patients infected with H.pylori, compared with patients without H.pylori.
Pylori, while the level of IL-6 was higher in patients infected with H.pylori than in non-infected patients with H.

1- Study of the genotype polymorphism of 2-IL and 6-IL in the Iraqi population.
2- Using the level (2-IL and 6-IL) as biomarkers to diagnose the development of stomach and intestinal diseases associated with H. pylori.
3- The use of genotypes in which a high interleukin concentration appeared (T / T (SNP 114 + 2-IL)).
For biosynthetic predictive genetics as indicators IL-6-572 (G / C), IL-6 SNP-174 (G / G), IL-2-330 SNP (G / G), and
The disease of the stomach and duodenum caused by H. pylori.
The discussion was attended by the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, Assistant Professor Dr. Firas Jamil, and a number of professors and graduate students.

The discussion committee consisted of: –
Prof. Adnan Issa Falahi / Basra University / College of Science / Chairman.
Prof. Dawood Salman Mahdi / Southern Technical University – College of Health and Medical Technologies / Member.
Mother. Dr.. Nibras Salim Jawad / Basra University – College of Medicine / Member.
M.D. Khairallah Abdul Samad Muhammad / Southern Technical University – College of Health and Medical Technologies/member and supervisor.
a. Dr.. Nael Hussein Ali / Basra University – College of Medicine/member and supervisor.
The researcher obtained an estimate ((excellent)).