Speech of the Dean of the College of Health and Medical Technologies on the occasion of the International Day of Teaching and Learning (Our education will not stop).

My brothers, sisters, faculty members, my brothers from other functional cadres, my children, students, may God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. The occasion of World Education Day, which was approved by UNESCO to be the twenty-fourth day of January of every year, is the International Day of Learning, due to the importance of education and the embodiment of its importance in our lives, Education is an essential component of the human personality, as it works to instill cultural, social and national values ​​in the citizen. It helps him understand the rights and duties that he must realize, and it also allows the citizen to learn about his culture, history, civilization, and the values ​​of his society, and it works to improve awareness among individuals because sound awareness changes the way people think, which leads to progress and success, and this comes through receiving an appropriate education, And that education contributes to developing the capabilities, competencies, and qualifications of individuals. And that Iraq attaches great importance to education, believing that education is the main component of the human element that represents the main tributary of sustainable development. It established many schools, universities, colleges, and research centers that contributed to the development of human cadres’ skills and attracted many international schools and universities that worked to qualify young people in a manner that met The country’s development needs And to revitalize it among the generation suffering from the “Covid 19” pandemic. The time has come to support education as the basic pillar for creating generations on which society depends to advance so that empowered generations are of an educational level that society is proud of by promoting international cooperation and solidarity to put education and lifelong learning in Recovery Center. In conclusion, our prayers for this year to be the year of progress, development, and success, and for God to complete health and wellness for everyone, calling for you to continue giving in your work in the service of our ancient university and our dear college
Prof. Dr. Dawood Salman Mahdi
Dean of the College of Health and Medical Technologies