Professor Dr. David Salman Mehdi, Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medical Techniques, follows the course of the students’ online theoretical examinations for Undergraduate students.

For the second day in a row, the electronic theoretical examinations for the second semester of the morning and evening primary school students in the Faculty of Health and Medical Techniques continue, followed directly by Professor Dawod Salman Mehdi and gentlemen, the heads of the scientific departments and the Central Examination Committee. The examination process is conducted electronically under these difficult exceptional conditions due to the Corona pandemic.
He stressed that the College had created all the requirements for the success of the examination process electronically in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Presidency of the University. The Dean of the College had supervised questions from the scientific departments and central examination committees. He had met with students electronically wishing them success and had asked them about the nature of the questions and the constraints facing their examination to address them, and evaluated efforts of the examiners, and wished all students success.