Department Mission and Objectives:

The department aims to graduate technicians to work in medical laboratories in state institutions and the private sector and to benefit from them in scientific research centers to be responsible for the various laboratory preparations needed by researchers in those centers, and graduates of this department can also be used in the laboratories of colleges and institutes related to their specialization, where Department graduates can complete technical work in the fields of bacteriology, serology, clinical chemistry, parasitology, mycology, virology, histopathology, cellular pathology, hematology, hematology, and molecular biology, using modern technologies.

Department halls and laboratories:

The department contains six comfortable, air-conditioned rooms equipped with projectors and display screens. It also contains seven different and specialized laboratories equipped with “suitable” equipment that the student needs in the specialty for which the laboratory is designed. To provide the latest devices and techniques used in the pathological analysis for the graduate to be familiar with most of the modern technologies in his field of specialization.

Description of graduate work:

1- Perform laboratory work related to isolating, staining, bhtc, and diagnosing germs present in clinical samples.

2- He prepares and sterilizes all agricultural media and checks food for bacterial contaminants. 3- Carries out all blood analyzes and checks.

4- He carries out all the analyzes and tests related to clinical chemistry (enzymes, hormones, toxins, diuretics, cerebrospinal fluid, semen, other body fluids, and everything related to routine chemical tests).

5- He carries out all the analyzes and examinations of the serum and immunological diseases.

6- He prepares the tissue slides for the body’s various organs and prepares them for examination.

7- He prepares all laboratory solutions.

8- It operates and maintains normal laboratory equipment used in pathological analysis laboratories.

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